marți, 30 iulie 2013

Zara Haul

Shopping at Zara is my favorite thing to do.
Shopping at Zara in the sales is the best thing you can do for your budget!
Here are my picks:

100% Linen from W&B Collection

T-Shirt from Trafaluc Collection

Zara Basic Collection

Blouse from Zara Woman

T-Shirt from the new W&B Collection 100% Linen

Blouse from Zara Basic

Leggings Trafaluc Collection

Rock from Zara Woman

2 comentarii:

  1. Oricum tie iti sta bine cu orice... te puuuuup!

  2. Ooo that ceiling!! I love seeing these sneak peeks. :) Great job!! Thank's for share this website..
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